Corporate wellness programs are not being utilized to their fullest potential. Many companies offer them in some way, shape, or form but there's minimal participation on behalf of employees. We were challenged to design an experience that would incentivize participation.

Role & Timeframe

UX Designer + Business Strategy 

Partnered with Tin Le

User Research, UX Design, Wireframing, Business Strategy

2017 - 4 Week Project

The Problem

Being active is a struggle for millions of Americans. From new year's resolutions to personal trainers, many will try, but what remains is still a lack of external motivation to maintain a consistent routine. 

Industry Insights

Motive insturance-15.png



We needed to diagnose the competitive landscape to understand where the gaps were in the market. The diagram on the left shows which current apps are addressing different areas of the wellness space. What we couldn't find was an app that hit multiple areas. We wanted to design a system that would leverage all 3. The complete platform is designed to accompany working out with monetary incentives. Once validating the landscape, we needed to map out the user flow which can be found in the link below.

Figuring Out How to Market to the Consumer

"I'm still not understanding how this would work?"

Early on we found people were having difficulty connecting with the idea behind Motive. It felt foreign, a bit intrusive, and just far fetched. We needed an intuitive way to explain the concept to a broad audience, something that people would easily connect with.
Progressive’s Snapshot program has done wonders in not only making the company money but also rewarding drivers for their safe driving habits. The “snapshot” device was the perfect example of how Motive supports the user. With Progressive, a customer signs up and starts tracking their driving habits in a format called usage-based insurance. This enables customers to lower their insurance costs by driving less and being safer while doing so. After keying in on the poor utilization rate within corporate healthcare, we aimed to take a similar structure with Motive by rewarding employees for taking care of themselves through fitness. The more self-care the employee would put in, the cheaper their rates would be saving both them and the insurance company money.

Initial Iterations


Wire Framing the Main Screens

I started the process with wireframes in order to rough out the main screens and actions we hoped to include on the app. We knew there would need to be a strong social element to the app so that employees could keep an eye on how their peers were doing and be encouraged to participate more. Additionally, it was important to integrate the added convenience of the gym tracker so that users could determine how busy the facility was prior to going. This seemed like one of the biggest bars holding people back from going in our initial surveys. Lastly, we knew that the rewards were going to be a big element and thus wanted to highlight the companies that would be featured with clean and clear product pages.  

Focusing on Sub Features


Save With Tabs

Tabs are the driving force behind the reward system within Motive. Gym visits, lead to points for the user and can be redeemed at a range of excellent wholesalers and retailers. The idea was to create snapshots of the company for users to instantly get a visual image of the benefit without even having to read. After clicking on the claim button, users will be presented with a personalized bar code and redemption code, allowing the offer to be used in-store or online.

A Workout Built

               Around You

Knowing not everyone is an avid gym rat, Motive has an integrated workout section to suggest and store a user's routine. New user? The app can recommend some popular starting lifts. For the more avid user, they can keep track of their workouts down to the weights and reps. 

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Motivation can always be aided by a little friendly competition. But these are coworkers we’re talking about. Rather than make the environment hostile Motive aims to allow users to share their milestones and successes. A live feed features recent community posts and a slide-out leaderboard allows you to see where you stand on a week by week basis.

Claiming Reward 


Here were some experiments around user interaction that we created. We felt it was helpful in selling the vision of the app and giving the page a realistic feel to then hand over to a development team. You can see featured flows around using a coupon and navigating the gym space.

Facility Monitoring

Business Strategy


The diagram on the right shows the overall net benefits for the 3 parties involved, and why this system works. 

Healthier Employees = Less Paid out by Insurance

Less Paid Out = Lower Insurance Rates for Companies

Lower Insurance Rates = Employee Premiums Go Down


The idea behind Motive was to sell directly to insurance companies in a B2B play. The platform would be a white label format, allowing companies to incorporate their branding to fit within the app's system

Motive insturance-14.png

Driving Results


Myself and Co-Designer Tin Le were selected as winners of the University of Oregon QuackHatch Business Competition for student-led business ventures. We also placed third in OSU's annual Shark Tank Pitch-Off. It was an amazing opportunity to pitch our work and explore self-led design entrepreneurship.