Slot is the minimal and intuitive solution for toothbrush storage. The design focuses on using the natural affordance to lean, by offering three primary channels large enough to accommodate a range of differently sized toothbrushes. Its smooth surface and soft curves not only allow for easy

wash-ability but also bring an elegant form to sterile bathroom counters.


Featured in Salone Satellite 2018



When analyzing the current design landscape I noticed a clear product shift towards elevating the bathroom experience. From designer razors to toothbrush subscriptions, new attention has been drawn to the category. But I noticed the things that hold these products often seemed to be neglected. Too often I found people pairing well-designed products with objects that just didn’t belong. I wanted to create a product that would complement the current designs on the market and “show them off” rather than detract from their value.

It was important to first assess the current landscape of toothbrush holders. By doing so I could find areas of opportunity and develop my ideas further through sketching. Above are two solutions observed in initial user studies, and a popular option in recent years. Notice the lack of any toothbrush "holder" at all.

Ideation Sketches


Final Model



I noticed a clear product shift towards elevating the bathroom experience, from designer razors to toothbrush subscriptions. But I found the things that hold these products often seemed to be neglected and unconsidered. I aimed to find an affordance that would fit naturally with the experience of using a toothbrush

Role & Timeframe

Primary Industrial Designer

User Research, Form Development, Prototyping, Interaction Desing

2018 - 10 Week Project