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The music industry is littered with new artists hoping to make their mark. However, often times this pool of hopefuls can get overwhelming when it comes to managing incoming demos and tracks. Organization is difficult and can be tough to communicate amongst a large team. Tunez gives the industry professional ultimate control for listening to new music content. The app is geared towards record companies for evaluating high volumes of demos. It serves as a digital tool that will help a team go through all of their demos quickly, and reach a decision about how they will move forward with each artist. It was essential to enable each team member to listen and evaluate each demo. I created an interface aimed at simplifying the process to maximize efficiency. 






Distinguish who is available to chat within the app was extremely important to solve in such a fast-paced industry. Team member initials are displayed at the top of the screen, each given their own "record". Those highlighted with a green glow indicate that the user is online, while those slightly hidden are offline. This system will lead to better awareness amongst the team, to understand who can be reached at any given time. 



Out Reach

All artists that pass the initial team review will then have a profile generated outlining their personal information and all outreach efforts made by the record company. Since this can often happen over the course of a few months since initial contact it was important to provide proper organization for handling many potential signees through use of a timeline for the entire team to make note of. The profiles also offer direct access to contacting the artist via email or phone.


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