Project Scope

Products to prevent drowning have for years remained simplistic and been avoided for a range of different reasons. From being bulky, to uncool, not portable, and even potentially dangerous. Professionals, and extreme users alike have developed a distaste towards toting around these unnecessary pieces of safety equipment. But this only increases the chance of drowning. Most people consider themselves proficient in swimming or out of any immediate risk. However, we've uncovered that most people are overconfident in their abilities. Besides that, the current products on the market have many errors that not only make them difficult to use but can also be uncomfortable for the user. We decided to tackle a new product, life-saving and inconspicuous, that would actually appeal to the water loving thrill seeker.

Special thanks to my talented partner on this project Tin Le

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Target market



We’ve imagined a product designed to further your exploration, allow you to take that one extra step. It gives you the courage to say yes to adventure. The Tang is a simple to use handheld flotation device that allows the user to navigate rough waters and resurface when needed. It appeals to the more daring user, in search of a safety substitute for the conventional, bulky, life jacket. Think of the the Tang as your personal assistant for the water. It uses an internal inflation system that allows you to submerge and swim without interference. Get into trouble, and you’re able to engage the floatation airbag at any point with a 2 button safety mechanism to ensure there is no accidental triggering of the device. It is reusable and inconspicuous. Light enough, and small enough, to take with you no matter where your adventures lead!