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With disparate systems hosting relevant employee information and training, our customer needed a consolidated way to service its internal employees digitally. Using our Communities offering I helped envision a future-state portal that would provide access to everything from training to general FAQ's all in one place. 

Role & Timeframe

UI/UX Designer

Customer Discovery, Wireframing, Concept Development


For NDA purposes the customers Brand has been replaced 

The Problem

Siloed internal data was detracting from employee efficiency. This not only slowed down the business but also hindered scalability over time.


Scoping Employee Needs

Acting as a hub for employees across the customer's company, it was important to take into consideration the needs of many different audiences for this design. Partnering with our sales engineers, I gathered information on the customer needs and started composing a persona who might use the site. Below you'll see takeaways from our early discussions where I started to aggregate what components and functions would be needed within the community.

Customer Quotes

"I want need some sort of guide on how to complete confusing tasks"

"I want to see how I'm being measured and where my performance can improve"

"I want to find answers to FAQ that my team members might not know"



Embedded training modules through Salesforce Trailhead


Access to internal instructional  videos for development/onboarding

Success Metrics

Want a customizable dashboard of role-specific metrics


Answers to internal questions, added/edited by employees


Profile user page giving access to favorited material


Surface important articles and content within the industry 

Site Architecture

Once determining what sections would be included within the community I went ahead and broke down the site map. Doing this not only allowed me to better structure my workflow, but it also allowed for easier handoff to our technical team. In this case, we were going to need to set up the navigation of the community using the internal builder, then customize each page based on the design specs.


Ideation & Documentation

Wireframing this project was key in exploring how the user would navigate the page and view content. I knew the page would be the main hub for all employees and had to create multiple interfaces to find out what would be most helpful for new vs. pro users. The documentation was key for pulling various pieces together as we continued to understand the customer's must-haves and preferences within the community. 

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Main - Landing
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Main - Landing Alt. Navigation
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Demo's - Sub Page
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Profile Page


We want just a simple overview to click around and get a glance at the community content without clicking all the way through. A look into some of the content from the home page, to view the most important information. "

Contextual Snapshot

We received the customer feedback above after a follow-up call outlining our proposed plan. Since design had gotten involved early in the sales process I was able to take the feedback above and create a home page where users would have the ability to see at a high level what each sub-navigation consisted of. By clicking along each tab, users would be presented with the most recently surfaced information and metrics, even having the option to "see more" if needed for each page.

(shown below)

Landing Screen - POV TAB.jpg


Driving Community


Smart Recommendations


Making users aware when new content became available was a key piece of the community page. People weren't going to come back unless they had new information to see. Leveraging smart recommendations allowed us to show relevant articles based on historical data and trending topics based on overall employee engagement. Here are two custom components which I worked with our engineer to build and reuse within the community. 

Trending in Banking



For the profile page employees wanted the ability to save important content. I once again used the bucket system to allow for storage of each piece of content within the site. This meant employees could return to relevant training or knowledge articles.

Profile Page.jpg


Training Lessons

Here is an example of the page hierarchy from the home page down to an individual training demo. I wanted to maintain a similar styling throughout the parent and child pages to make a more cohesive site. 

Demos Home Page

Demos List View

Individual Demo


Additional Community Pages

Artboard Copy.png
Artboard Copy 2.png



We are always asked to design "the vision" for our customers, but sometimes those visions can't always be replicated. For this project, I wound up learning a lot about the limitations of our product and being required to fit within the limitations of the community. Thus, I worked with our demo engineering team to come up with a viable MVP solution.

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